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Review of One-Piece Filler – Straw Hats Go to Alabasta

Certain individuals love to watch the full anime series and experience every little thing about it, however others simply don’t like subplots and would prefer to skip them all. With One Piece, one the most established and longest running anime series, this is a significant choice to make, as the anime is coming to its 1000th episode soon. Assuming you abhor watching a film with heaps of subplots, then, at that point, you won’t appreciate watching One Piece. There are a great deal of good shows out there that have fascinating characters yet assuming you would rather avoid watching a film where a large portion of the film is a subplot, then, at that point, you won’t be happy with this. Assuming you appreciate anime films that have intriguing scenes yet utilize a subplot sparingly, then, at that point, this is the best show for you. The show is all around created and has magnificent liveliness, however it additionally has an extremely remarkable style of it’s own and a portion of the episodes stand apart more than others.

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Anime series

This is my undisputed top choice anime series and one piece filler list. The fascinating thing about this show is the manner in which it utilizes a ton of filler episodes. Episodes don’t air for a specific measure of time, and when they do, they are in irregular request. For instance, one episode might air only a couple of moments after the past one finished. There is no example to the request they air in, which makes them even more interesting to fans.

However, every one of these fundamental stories has their own charming angle to them. He additionally meets a kid who works with him, Tsubasa, who is a road contender.

One of the filler bends

One of the filler bends that didn’t air was episode 15, which zeroed in on the secret of what happened to the strange “Marvelous Cats” that showed up in the launch of every episode.

One Piece Filler Arc: One of the most dearest filler bends is simply the one where Ritsu Minarai finds in a substitute form of Dressrosa. In this world, there is harmony, and everything is ordinary. One day, Ritsu gets the orders to safeguard his companion from a Britannia spy boat, and he heads out for another world with his companion. Be that as it may, things are not as they appear, and surprisingly fast, the two are up to speed amidst privateers and fights with other Britannia powers. It additionally acquaints us with another primary person, Rito Yashima.

Another fan-most loved is the Arc de Triomphe. This is the third piece of the OVA series, and it is one of the most famous anime pfp of all. This is an astounding scene, and the manner in which the island’s occupants respond to her salvage is very moving.

The last bend

One Piece: The last bend, called the Dressrosa Arc, will have the fundamental characters on a boat that is being maintained by abundance trackers. The team comprises of Sanji, Jorum, and Bepo. This is the very team that was found in the primary opening of the show. What makes this bend extremely novel is the manner in which the journalists managed the characters. As opposed to having a lotting of parody, the story takes a genuine tone, which functions admirably for this establishment.


With everything taken into account, One Piece Filler is an incredible development to a generally awesome anime series. Albeit the story is short, most of the episode is engaging, and the outcome merits the watch. The short bend happens on an island called Alabasta, where a Straw Hats part named Luffy disappears.


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