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Things You Need to Know About Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

Before you delve into the Saskatchewan immigration program, you need to know the fundamentals of the program. The SINP or Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program lets you fulfill your dream to move to Canada. It is one of the PNPs or Provincial Nominee Programs offering global applicants to immigrate to Canada. SINP allows non-Canadians to make a home in Saskatchewan, and the province of Saskatchewan nominates the successful applicants to the federal government for PR or permanent residency in Canada. 

Advantages of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

While you can get a Canada Express Entry visa via the popular Express Entry Program, you can also avail multiple benefits from SINP.

  • You can get assistance from the provincial immigration officers. They can explain the requirements better than anybody.
  • You will also get competitive application processing times.
  • The government of Saskatchewan has the final choice on nominations. So, when you are a successful applicant and apply for PR with IRCC, you will be recognized as a SINP nominee.

The Minimum Score to Apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

The Point Assessment Grid of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is out of hundred points. Also, The minimum score you need to apply for SINP is 65. The program has issued two hundred and sixty-nine invitations to skilled trade applicants through SINP. If you want to be eligible for Permanent Residency in Saskatchewan, you need sixty points. However, the qualified candidates who are invited need an EOI score of sixty-five to be invited. Also, The points grid utilizes the points to rank the applicants’ Expression of Interest. Those with the most points will be asked to submit their applications to SINP. 

The Minimum IELTS Score to Apply to Saskatchewan PNP

The candidates need to have minimal eligibility criteria or requirements to apply for Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. You can apply for SINP at a modest level of capabilities. However, you need to have 4.5 Bands in IELTS. Also, If you want to apply for the SINP-EE category, you need to meet the eligibility requirements of the basic Express Entry Program. If you’re going to apply for permanent residency, you need at least CLB-7 as the fundamental criteria. While you can get a Canada Express Entry Visa but SINP offers you immigration options without a job offer. 

Categories of Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program

You can apply to three Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program categories. 

  • International Skilled Worker: It is for those competent employees who want to live and work in Saskatchewan.
  • Saskatchewan Experience: The category identifies the foreign nationals who live and work in Saskatchewan already.
  • Entrepreneur and Farm: This category is for the candidates who want to start a business or buy and run a farm in Saskatchewan.

The online application system of the Saskatchewan immigration program is OASIS which issues correspondence and administers program applications.

So this is all You Need to Know About Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program. I hope you may have no doubt now about Saskatchewan immigration program.

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