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SAT is a standardized test administered by the college board and is required to be taken by the students seeking admission to undergraduate colleges. Earlier, the abbreviation SAT denoted Scholastic aptitude test, this test is meant to evaluate verbal, written, mathematical skills of the appearing candidate. It is a paper-pen-based test taken by students who aspire to go to the US or Canada to pursue an undergraduate course. Most of the colleges in the USA, require SAT to get admitted to various undergraduate courses. Moreover, students are offered SAT scholarships based on their SAT results, which is quite beneficial for the students. The first thing you should know before starting the preparation is the SAT exam syllabus. Once you know the syllabus, you can prepare for it and experience the benefits of cracking the exam. Here, we shall discuss some advantages of giving SAT exam.


ACCEPTANCE OF THE SAT SCORE: Most of the colleges in or outside India consider the SAT score before granting admission to the candidates. More than 30 universities in India accept SAT and unlike JEE which is just limited to engineering colleges, SAT opens the door for the students to apply to various universities in India. Moreover, various universities in America and Canada accept this test for admission into various courses.

AVAIL SAT-BASED SCHOLARSHIPS: You can get fee reduction vouchers based on your SAT scores. Based on your score, you can get the benefit of a partial or full scholarship. It is quite beneficial for you in case you want to study abroad but do not have a strong financial back. 

MORE TIME AS COMPARED TO OTHER TESTS: Sometimes, the students may be knowing the answers, but under stress due to the restricted time, they might panic and mark the wrong answers. Due to a shortage of time, they may leave the answers blank or do mere guesswork which may at times prove worthless. But in SAT, it is not the case as students get ample time to devote to each question. So, for students who face the time-limit barrier, SAT exam is the best option for them. 

MORE FLEXIBILITY: This test is conducted four times a year and thus gives students plenty of time to prepare and practice for the exam. The students can plan for the test based on college application deadlines. Moreover, the last-minute signup for the test is also very flexible that helps the students much.

NO NEGATIVE MARKING: For all the incorrect answers you give, there are no points deducted. So, you can take the chance by guessing an answer in case you are not sure about the correct one instead of leaving it blank. Even if your guess does not work, you lose no points for the wrong guess.

So, the main reason that you should apply for SAT exam is that the scores are essential to get admitted to colleges in India as well as abroad, and SAT scores are helpful to grab academic scholarships.


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