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Solve Your Case of a Criminal Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan By Court

Case of a Criminal Lawyer in Lahore Pakistan:

 A 55-year-old woman was stripped by agents of a local landlord in a district of Punjab because he suspected illicit relations between her son and his daughter. A criminal lawyer in Lahore Pakistan reported that a woman was forced to run naked in front of the landlord’s car and to sit on the bonnet of the vehicle as it passed through village streets. Sexual violence in the workplace is mainly class-based and particularly targets nurses, domestic workers, factory workers, and women as bonded labor. Apart from the real danger psychological threat that it constitutes, sexual harassment leads to checks being placed on women’s mobility and denial of her right to free movement and access to educational employment opportunities.

Famous Criminal Lawyer in Lahore:

According to a famous criminal lawyer in Lahore, Pakistan Advocate Nazia, a common sexist abuse, which equates women s identity with their reproductive organs, and the deliberate use of offensive, sexist terminology and language in both the public and private spheres violate women’s inherent dignity as human beings. Where society has internalized and condoned many forms of existing forms of sexual harassment, the law must move in to set standards and bring about positive social change. Sexual harassment must be clearly defined and understood, and measures must be taken not only towards widening the scope of the law or making it more explicit but also in ensuring that the law is enforced.

outraging the modesty of a woman:

 In Pakistan, the relevant provision contained in section 509 of the Penal Code dealing with the offense of “outraging the modesty of a woman’ is neither explicit enough nor wide enough to ensure that indecent exposure and written and pictorial representations are covered. Other provisions of the Penal Code also do not appear to cover the act of indecent exposure in private or acts which do not involve the use of physical force and on the recommendation of a Criminal lawyer in Lahore Pakistan.


Legislation should be enacted making it mandatory for all employers to respond to and monitor incidents of violence and harassment in the workplace. See also other relevant recommendations in Chapters on Criminal Laws and Institutionalization). Yet, the reality is that several rapes are committed in their own homes, several by people known to the woman and many because she is the victim of either the man’s destructive criminal lust or because of other conflicts between males.


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