What are tanning accelerators?

Tanning intensifiers or accelerators are lotions or nutricosmetics (they work the skin internally) that increase the production of melanin in our skin. They do not contain color or artificial pigments like self-tanners.

By applying this cosmetic we are accelerating and intensifying the tan that we would obtain naturally by exposing ourselves to the sun to UVA rays. Therefore, you get a tan quickly and without waiting so long.

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This product is not recommended for phototype I. These people, as they contain little melanin, do not reject solar radiation naturally, and the accelerator could aggravate the problem and even cause skin lesions and it is important to have healthy skin to prevent sunburn .

Properties and what they are for

This product is recommended for the beach, swimming pool, rivers and outdoor places where you are exposed to the sun, as well as UVA ray cabins or beds. Since by itself they do not tan the skin.

Although it intensifies and shortens tanning time, it also increases the ease of burning. Therefore, you ALWAYS have to protect your skin after each application, a good body moisturizer can serve to soothe your skin after a sunbath.

How to use sunscreen correctly

How to apply

In the first place, for a cream, emulsion or spray tanning accelerator, we always recommend doing it at home or as soon as you arrive at the beach or in the sun exposure area.

They are the best solution to prepare the skin for summer.

Applying it evenly on the body and face, the cream on nourished skin but without traces of fat. In this way we will avoid the appearance of stains due to incorrect application or stains due to the presence of fat on the skin in some areas, preventing the product from penetrating correctly.

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After applying it, keep in mind that you can be exposed to the sun for 10-15 minutes without protection, depending on the accelerator. More time is dangerous and not advisable.

Then apply sunscreen if you are going to sunbathe. Believe it or not, with protection you will keep your skin healthier, prevent photoaging and make your tan last longer.

After sun exposure, moisturize your skin. This will make your skin regain elasticity, prevent peeling and fight free radicals. That way you won’t peel and lose your tan.

Not protecting our skin correctly can lead to stains such as the common mustache stain , therefore, it is important to know how to differentiate a sunscreen for the body from a sunscreen for the face .

when to apply

If you are going to opt for the pill format, you should start taking it 15 days before sunbathing, so your skin prepares itself. In addition, the treatment must continue every day that you expose yourself to the sun and 15 days after stopping taking it. Thus, beta-carotene will lengthen the tan much longer.

There are different tanning accelerators depending on your skin tone and the sun you have taken, for example, Sea Bronze has Phase I, Phase II and Phase III.

  • Phase I. Intense Wild Color. Self-tanning lotion for skin that is beginning to tan.
  • Phase II. Maximun Feral Dark. Tanning accelerator for skin that is already slightly tanned and wants to intensify the color.
  • Phase III. Sea Max Savage Tan. Maximizing lotion for very tanned skin.

This product is a lotion based on marine components that increases the skin’s natural defenses and provides an intense tan.

Its active ingredients are based on:

  • Sea water : Balances the skin and increases the absorption capacity of the other active ingredients by osmosis.
  • Unipertan : Its origin is vegetable and protects the skin due to its high hydration power.
  • Oily extract of walnut shell : It has moisturizing agents and gives a light tone to the skin.
  • Copper glycoproteins : Increase the formation of elastin in the skin and combat photoaging caused by the sun.
  • Melanin : Its antioxidant properties strengthen the dermis to prevent damage caused by UV radiation.
  • Tyrosine : This natural amino acid fights free radicals that damage cells.
  • Tirosilane C: Combats skin wear due to being subjected to UV radiation and the formation of free radicals.
  • Pure thermal plankton: Protects, stimulates, and reinforces the skin barrier.
  • Aloe vera : Contains regenerating properties that help heal and soothe the skin.






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