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The 7 Things You Need to Pass the PMI-ACP Exam

As a way of recognizing project managers who employ Agile approaches, the Project Management Institute (PMI)® has created the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (ACP)® certification. Credentialing requires a lot of work, requiring 2,000 hours of general project management experience, 1,500 hours of Agile-specific project experience, and 21 hours of Agile-specific training.

Even though the PMI-ACP exam covers a lot of content, don’t let that scare you away from taking the test. It’s important to have and use the seven elements listed in this article if you want to succeed on exam day and in the future in your job.


In addition to test policies and procedures, the PMI-ACP Handbook contains all of the necessary information on the PMI-ACP Exam. PMI-ACP certification candidates should study the first two sections of this guide. In these sections, you’ll find information about exam eligibility requirements, how to apply online, payment policies, and the PMI-ACP Exam blueprint. The less anxious you are on test day, the more prepared you will be.


The PMI-ACP exam covers a wide range of topics, all of which may be found in a variety of places. No amount of “cramming” or “relying on your expertise” will get you through this test. After 10-12 weeks of studying for an hour or two every day, plan to take the exam. It goes without saying that you’ll have to develop a schedule that’s adaptable enough to accommodate your other obligations.

Plan and Schedule Your Academic Work

When it comes to project management, you understand the value of meticulous planning and time management. Using your time management abilities, devise a 10- to 12-week study plan that works around your other commitments. You may need to set aside more or less time for this task, depending on your personal and professional obligations. During this 10- to 12-week period, take a practice exam to discover the areas in which you should devote additional work. To keep track of your progress, make sure your plan is reasonable and create weekly targets. Don’t forget to set aside time to relax and partake in hobbies and pastimes you like.


There isn’t a major publication for the PMI-ACP Exam, unlike the Project Management Professional (PMP)® Exam, for candidates to study. In its place, PMI offers a list of helpful resources. Many websites offer a copy of this list for free.

In addition, you can refer to the PMI-ACP Examination Content Outline for further information. Project management knowledge and Agile tools and practices are addressed in this booklet for PMI-ACP certification candidates. All the elements stated here should be covered by any PMI-ACP courses or publications you purchase. Therefore you can take your certification from the industries leading experts like simplilearn, upgrad, and sprintzeal.


Another choice is to enroll in a self-study course, which covers the vast majority of the PMI-ACP Exam’s content. In the current generation of self-study, Agile Podcasts / Videocasts are available. If you have a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or other portable media device, you may download these. You can take your PMI-ACP Exam preparation with you everywhere you go, so you may listen or watch anytime you choose.

Exam Preparation Guide for PMI-ACP

Preparation materials for the PMI-ACP Exam, commonly known as “study guides,” are widely accessible and include a wide range of topics. PMI recommends these study guides because they go over the material covered on the PMI-ACP Exam in greater detail. To choose a book that matches your learning style and covers a wide range of high and low-yield topics, go to your local bookshop and select one.

The questions

A smart place to start is by asking free inquiries, but they’ll only go you so far. To get the best possible practice exams, you’ll also want to use a PMI-ACP Exam Simulator.

As many practice questions and 120-question mock examinations as you can must be part of your preparation strategy. Use this method to assess your progress and prepare for the structure of the final exam. Knowing what sorts and formats of questions to expect will help you relax and perform better on test day.


The PMI-ACP Exam preparation process does not have to be stressful. The more you study with these seven tools, the less stressed you’ll be on test day. Make every effort to succeed in the classroom, and good luck!


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