benefits related to future of education

The Benefits related to Future of Education

Online Education Market will reach US$ 350 Billion by 2025, globally due to the introduction of flexible learning technologies in the corporate and education sectors. The advanced artificial intelligence-driven platform is also playing a significant role in the growth of this market globally.

Research and Markets

Due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, many educational institutions have adopted online education as a way out. They have started using several applications that give hassle-free online classes to the students.

The future of education helps the students to access and experience their classrooms irrespective of their geographical location.

Even though it is a booming innovation in challenges in education only a few institutions have strived to achieve it, and there are numerous educational institutions world-wide that are yet to follow world-class online instructions, advising, and mentoring.

Future of online education

·  Learning Management Systems (LMS)

The need for offering personalized learning platforms for the students has grown. The LMS also offers a unified option to store the data.

·  Educational software

One of the widely used and quickly adopted innovations is the usage of educational software in k12. Many educational institutions have understood the role and importance of it and adopted it for the day-to-day activities, which include a quick and easy view of attendance records, assignment and exam management, automation of administrative tasks, and many more.

·  3D printing

3D printing has greater potential in k12. This future of education is something that excites many especially the students as they can witness as well as experience things in reality.

·  VR/AR

One can say that in the future virtual classroom will be offering more than enough applications that will be based on VR/AR.

· Robotics

By introducing robotics in the challenges in education, mainly for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) this will be highly motivating for the k12 students.

They can code and automate the way robots function and this will improve their new-age skills that include creativity and critical thinking. Students will be active in problem-solving as they will be building robots with different functionalities.

· Digital materials

Many institutions have implemented this as it gives quick and easy access to digital textbook rental basis or for free, open-source textbooks, test materials, and many more depending on the program that a student has chosen.

Benefits of online learning

Online education offers a wide range of access for learning to all. However, for all its growth and reach, the program completion rates remain low, and student engagement a matter of concern. It gives a dramatic level of scale to meet the requirements of potential learners. One of the major advantages of e learning is:

  • A person can arrange their schedules according to their convenience and this gives them to scale themselves. This represents a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to enhance their knowledge assets quickly.
  • The cost structure of online education is another aspect of the exponential growth of the market.
  • Online programs prove a more reasonable option than traditional ones and there are no commuting costs, and sometimes also require program materials that include textbooks, that are available online at no cost.
  • Online programs are now more widely available than ever. Approximately 86 percent of colleges and universities currently offer lifelong learning in some forms (CBS News).
  • The future of education best practices gives students to access the programs materials 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which gives them to revisit lectures and discussions as often as they prefer (Coleman). Because online programs are so vastly available and so easily accessible, an increasing number of students are hopping onto online education.





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