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The Crying Cat Meme

The Crying Cat is a series of photoshopped pictures of a white cat, usually a kitten, staring at a computer screen. The original Crying-Cat meme started in 2014 and gained popularity in the coming years. This version was first posted on Tumblr by user IMAdumbgirl and garnered over 1700 points and a 99% upvote rate. There are a number of different versions of the Crying-Cat meme.

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The image first surfaced on a German-based image board called pr0gramm, where the German term “schmuserkadser” is used. Within three years, the meme had become extremely popular. Subsequently, many more images were uploaded to sites such as Facebook and Reddit, where they have exploded in popularity. The original crying-cat-thumbs-up was one of the most popular reactions to viral videos of the day, and many are still circulating.

The craze of the crying cat has spread across the web as a result of the ‘thumbs-up’ response to a video. Its popularity is growing in both online and offline circles. The meme is a great example of an angry cat reacting to a situation that is both sweet and bitter. The image is now available in a variety of forms and has become an instant classic for people of all ages.

The original cry-cat-throwing-up meme appeared on Germany’s Pr0gramm image board. The cat’s fur and ears are realistic and sculpted into a unique design, and the adorable animal is perfect for a desktop, shelf, dashboard, or shelf. It was created by a user named smokememe and quickly became a viral video. This image has become the most popular crying-cat-throwing-up-meme on social media.

This image has been widely shared since January 2017 on Facebook. The crying-cat-throwing-thumbs-up meme has spread all over the internet and is an excellent reaction image. It has been a popular reaction picture for a long time. The cat-throwing-thumbs-up-throwing-thumbs-up photo is an excellent choice for a ‘happy-happy-thumbs-up’ image.

The crying-cat-throwing-up-up meme is the most popular type of meme. It features a crying-cat-throwing-up-thumbs-up-up-thumbs-up’-in-slang, which means “thumbs-up”-only. The phrase was popularized by a Facebook user named smokememe. It received over two million reactions and 444 shares.

The crying-cat-throwing-thumbs-up meme is an excellent way to express your emotions. The image represents a variety of scenarios, including being angry or upset at the same time. It may be used to express relief, for example when you’ve had a bad day at work and haven’t received your paycheck. Similarly, when it comes to receiving a bad-weather pay check, a cat’s thumbs-up can also mean that you’re avoiding something that makes you sad.

The crying-cat thumbs-up meme is a common reaction image. It portrays a cat with a sad expression and gives a thumbs-up to express a happy-thumbs-up response. In addition, the cat’s thumbs-up gesture can be used for various situations, including receiving a paycheck in a rainy day, a wrong-day delivery, or just killing hunger.

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Aside from the crying-cat thumbs-up meme, this image has also been used in a similar manner to the popular thumbs-up video. This image portrays a cat giving a thumbs-up is a universal symbol of sadness and joy. This is a universally popular image and is one of the most popular reaction images on the Internet. The video shows a crying-cat expressing happiness by giving a thumbs-up to a video with a caption that says “I am sad only.”

A crying cat thumbs-up is a popular reaction image. It shows a cat with a heart-shaped paws and a thumbs-up-up icon. The video conveys a message of relief. This reaction image is reminiscent of the TikTok video. This cat’s thumbs-up is a common response image in many situations, and the cat’s wailing-cat meme is a great way to share your emotions.

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