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The Future of Watching Sports

For example, Fox Sports worked with Face book in mid-November to deliver. Virtual reality coverage of the Railcar Vidal-Edward Ortiz Premier. Boxing Champions fight for Oculus Quest wearers.
VR viewers were place into a virtual amphitheater. Where they could watch the fight with their Oculus Quest headsets. Fox Sports shot the fight in 4K for the special VR production.

This is one of several experimental productions

Treatments of live sports coverage. Ranging from 360-degree camera coverage of the field to AR environments. That are design to enhance the way viewers experience a game.
While these approaches differ in many ways. The common thread tying them together is the need. To move large amounts of data between sources and destinations. Here too, 5G will play a pivotal role by providing the large. Amount of bandwidth needed for contribution of high resolutions. Video sources with the ultra-low latency required.

Designed for easy integration with the TVU Producer virtual video switching solution

TVU Anywhere turns a Smartphone or tablet into a portable. And reliable source of contribution for multi-camera productions. It also includes TVU Party-liner. A rich new feature that supports multi-party production and guest communications.

Sound and audio

Audio is the other important component of any multi-camera nba중계 stream. And like video, the equipment needed will vary depending on each project and budget.
For professional video camera contributions. All that may be nee is a wired or wireless microphone with transmitter and receiver. Many helpful guides to microphones and accessories. Wireless microphone kits, and audio-video are available online. Some include guides from Istria, Video maker, Shore, and Rode.

Often a two or four channel audio mixer can help out in the field

These shots. , a larger audio console in the mixing room of a production control center. Is use for larger multi-camera productions. Mixing console guides, tutorials on audio setup for video production. And mixing console selection are also available online from various sources. Including Windows Report, Crutchfield, B&H , and Sweetwater.

Other audio components, systems, and accessories that is useful

depending on the nature of the production include in- ear monitors, headphones. audio cables and connectors , studio monitors, IFBs , and intercom systems . But, it is important to note that for many applications TVU Party. Line can serve as a virtual intercom and IFB system replacing. The need for its real world counterparts. For multi-camera video producers who rely on their Smartphone’s. And multimedia tablets instead of professional cameras. Two necessities for the field are an XLR adapter to connect an external. microphone to the device and a microphone.

Video mixing and switching

There are several options out there video switching and mixing. These can be divide into hardware, software, or cloud-based solutions. Whatever you decide, each option has its pros and cons.TVU’s low-cost. Reliable video switcher for sport broadcasting makes it possible. For producers of multi-camera sport broadcast productions to switch. Between many incoming camera feeds. Add text and graphics. create picture-in-picture (Pep) ), create an on-screen quad box for multi-person interviews. Control audio for each video source and, with the TVU Media Mind AI engine, create subtitles on the . Users set up and log into their TVU Producer account from their computer to access all its features. While the heavy lifting of actually switching. Between sources and applying graphics and effects is do in the cloud.


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