The process of choosing engine oil for your bike

If you are the proud owner of a bike and wondering which is the best oil for motorcycle then you are at the right place. A lot of confusion exists about the type of engine oil that you need to use, it is a synthetic, non- synthetic or a mineral oil. When there are oils with different types of viscosities it may add up to the element of confusion. There is no option apart from relying on the gut feeling

After introduction of the oil, mineral oil was the first form of oil to be used. But there are drawbacks as the properties do not last long and require frequent changes. The oil is incorporated from petroleum products and sometimes crude oil is being used as a lubricant. Among the various categories of oil synthetic oil is the most popular type of oil. When you compare it to the conventional oils there is less impurities and the lubricating properties are better. The cost is a bit more than the conventional oil.

Engine oil and its features

The motor oil is the lifeblood of an engine. An oil would lubricate an engine, remove the contaminants, or even from the oil filters. In due course of time the oil along with the oil filter would get dirty since they are working to keep the engine oil clean. The use of dirty oil can harm the engine and is bound to reduce the life of an engine.

Motor oil would also prevent an engine from corrosion. Since there is an external coating, it would prevent an engine from resisting corrosion with various direct factors that lead to the emergence of corrosion. There are various types of engine oil that is classified into various categories for the 2 stroke engine oil and the 4 stroke engine oil.

Secondly using the best motor cycle engine oil would reduce the fiction between the metal parts of an engine. When you are changing engine oil dust out the metal parts. It is going to develop a thin film among the metal parts of the engine that reduces fiction. If the oil appears to be too thin then the oil lubrication is not going to be that much effective. Conversely if the oil is thick it would face difficulty in entering the metal parts and would be rendered in effective. The oil thickness is referred to as viscosity.

All of us are aware the moment we heat something it becomes thin and when cold it would be thick. When you are not using the engine oil for a considerable period of time, then the oil would become cool as it becomes cooled. But the moment we start the engine it goes on to become thick since it will not lubricate the engine well. There is a need for an oil that is going to remain thin and that too at a low temperature. It may lubricate the vehicles as and when needed.






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