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The Top 10 Most Important Points For Avoiding Immigration Fraud In Australia

Immigration frauds happen all the time, and scammers target overseas residents trying to immigrate to another country. It is difficult for people to be familiar with the laws of a foreign country, and this is the thing that fraudsters take advantage of. They promise to process your visa application and guarantee that you will have no problem getting your visa.

The government of Australia has very strict and detailed regulations when it comes to immigration. So, the reputed and accredited visa firms would only process an individual’s application if it meets all the requirements of the Australian immigration policies. If you want to migrate to Western Australia, get in touch with the top-rated immigration lawyer Perth WA and get started with your visa application.

Now let us know the top ten most important checkpoints you should keep in mind to avoid Australian immigration frauds.

  1. Upfront Cash

If your visa firm asks for a large amount of upfront cash from you, it is a warning sign and is likely to be a fraud. Often scammers ask you to pay cash amounts for a Visitor visa or ETA.

  1. Guaranteed’ Australian Visa

Your visa agent cannot tell without verifying your documents or doing your background check whether you are eligible for migrating to Australia or not. So, if you are contacting an agent or firm that ‘guarantees’ you an Australian visa, it is likely to be a scam. The Australian government has very stringent immigration rules, and only after a thorough investigation of all your documents does the Department of Home Affairs provide you with a visa. So, never fall into the trap of guaranteed visas.

  1. Special Relations

Immigrating to a different country is nothing like renting an apartment where your agent says he or she has special connections and assures your job will be done. If your agent claims to have special relations with the Department of Home Affairs and guarantees you a visa, it is a red alert for you. The scammers often use this trick to trap visa applicants and take advantage of their urgency to immigrate into Australia.

  1. Improper Registration

One of the key things you can ask for from your visa agent is his Australian Business Number (ABN). That way, you can check whether your agent has proper registration and is legally eligible to make Australian visas. Your agent can provide you with a fake registration document too, so if you do not have enough knowledge, it is very easy for the scammers to trap you.

Research deeply on how to check the authenticity of a registration document of a visa lawyer, then hire him to carry out your visa application.

  1. Never Provide Your Bank And Credit Card Details

Asking for bank details is one of the most common scams in general. In the case of visa applications too, scammers may ask for your credit card and bank account details over the phone or email. If you have not verified the authenticity of your agent, do not provide any bank credentials to the agent, not even your account number. The scammer can use your details to commit identity fraud or, even worse, steal your money.

  1. Rates Below The Minimum Wage

People often get allured by cheap rates fraud visa agents offer and fall into their traps. There is a minimum Australian wage that you can check just by doing a quick search on the web. If an agent offers to process your visa applications at prices below the minimum wage, he or she is likely to be a scammer. Never settle for low prices when choosing an immigration firm. Compare the prices of the leading migration lawyers in the country and hire one of them that best suits your requirements.

  1. Don’t Get Deceived By The Coat Of Arms

One of the easiest ways to scam visa applicants is by using the Australian coat of arms on the website to masquerade as authentic visa agents. It creates a sense of authority and gets people thinking that the firm is approved by the government of Australia. So, before you choose an immigration company, surf through their website in detail, check for the reviews and ratings against their site, and if possible, get in touch with their past clients to validate their authenticity.

  1. Do Not Settle For Handwritten Agreement

The visa contract or agreement your agent shares with you must never be a handwritten one. An agreement of such significance must always be a printed one and have all the necessary stamps, seals and signatures. So stay away from frauds who offer you handwritten and not properly printed visa agreements.

  1. Fake Documents And Photographs

It might be possible that you do not have certain documents that are required for applying for an Australian visa. If you contact migration lawyers who promise to arrange fake documents for you and successfully process your application, do not fall for such fraudsters. Migrating to a different country is a critical thing and should not include any type of fake paper or photographs.

  1. Permanent Residency In Australia

If your visa employer promises you permanent residency in Australia, you need to put their authenticity into check. Permanent residency in Australia requires you to fulfill certain criteria, and only after a thorough and rigorous background check and verification of all your documents will you be provided with your PR visa. The reputed visa agents would make no such promise and will process your application by following the rules strictly.

Final Words

Now, you must have a comprehensive understanding of how scammers can trap with their fake immigration offers. Keep all the above points in mind before you choose your visa agent. Always check for the credibility of the firms you are going for and research them in detail before making a move. If you want to settle in Perth or its neighboring suburbs, approach the leading and reputed immigration lawyer Perth and discuss with them your migrating plans.


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