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The Ultimate School Stationery Checklist

If you have school-going kids, you must know the importance of stocking up school stationery supplies. Although not many parents ensure that they have everything in advance, this could mean rushing to the store at the last minute. To save you from trouble, we share the list of stationery that must be in-stock all the time.


The most important item that no checklist is complete without, you should always have extra pens and pencils. There are dark, light, and extra dark pencils when it comes to pencils. Similarly, you will find a whole range of pens with different features available in the market. Having extra pens and pencils always comes in handy because kids often misplace these.

Eraser and Sharpener

If you have kids who use pencils, another essential to have in the checklist is eraser and sharpener. There are no-dust erasers also available, and these are good because they don’t leave a residue behind. Similarly, you will find a variety of erasers also.

Art Kit

Another must-have in your checklist. You will always find kids running short of crayons and sketch pens. So why not have them stocked so you don’t need to visit the store often? An art kit includes crayons, markers, paintbrushes, sketch pens, and water colours/paints. The crayons will come in different types – oil pastels, plastic crayons and more. Similarly, there are water colours, acrylic paints, oil colours available. You must choose what needs to be in the art kit depending upon the age of the child.

Files and Folders

As the child goes to a higher class, they have to prepare more projects, which means you will need more files and folders. Stock these in advance. You will find many choices in files and folders. Do not go for the big and heavy ones, as storing them could be challenging. Look for good quality and lightweight stuff.


Although schools give students their own set of notebooks, having spare at home is always helpful. A child can do revision in these notebooks and make notes also. You will find notebooks with different page quality in stores.

Lunch Box and Water Bottle

A lunch box and water bottle are a must for every student. You will find different types of lunch boxes and water bottles in stores. If you are looking for lightweight options that are affordable also, opt for plastic products. Plastic boxes and bottles are right, especially for small kids.

Pencil Pouch

A pencil pouch is always better than a pencil box because it’s less expensive and more spacious. Look for a pencil pouch that can hold all the stuff. You can have two different pouches for keeping pencils and collars separately.


A bag is an essential office supply because your child will carry all the belongings to school in it. School bags come in different fabrics, sizes, and shapes. You can choose the size depending on the child’s age and the number of things they need to carry to school every day.

Final Words

You can easily find all these supplies at stores that sell stationery in Dubai. However, if you want to save yourself from the hassle, check out the online stores that have wide range of school stationery supplies. You will find a variety of products at competitive prices.


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