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How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

Today, most of us learn online research paper. The education sector has gone through a lot of technological changes in recent years. However, regardless of the learning way, assignments and coursework are everywhere. Thus, online learners have to submit a thesis to get a degree. Thesis research is one of the most daunting academic tasks. Students often puzzle when they have to write a thesis statement. Remember, a thesis statement takes place in many types of academic papers. Yet, we are talking about a research paper’s thesis statement.

Online learners sometimes cannot understand the aim of a thesis statement. So they use Online Class Help services to seek professional guidance. Yet, what if we help you write an excellent thesis statement for your research. It can save you time and money and help you secure a good grade in research. Let’s start with what a thesis statement actually is research paper.

A Thesis Statement

Know that essays, academic papers, and different research projects share one thing in common, a thesis statement. Its length is about one or two sentences long. The purpose of a thesis statement is to briefly summarize the core points of the research. In simple words, it is a road map for the research, as it informs the reader about what they will see in this research. 

The thesis statement generally takes place at the opening of the research. Yet, some people put it at the end of the introduction of their research. No matter where you put it in the research paper, it should fulfill its purpose. 

A Guide to Write a Thesis Statement

You cannot write a thesis statement within an hour. It is just a matter of one or two sentences. Still, you have to think hard to compose it brilliantly. Know that it is a lengthy thinking process, so allot a huge time to it. Jumping on a thesis statement directly is not the first thing you should do in writing a research paper. Instead, gather data and analyze it. Find the relationships of your topic with other similar topics. This way, you can excellent describe the core point of your research in a sentence or two.

Therefore, aside from the tips, you will see below for writing a thesis statement, remember that it is not a quick process. It means you should not rush to write it. You may need to make adjustments time after time to your statement. So do not think the first statement you write will be the last. Besides, here are the steps to write a brilliant thesis statement.

Start With a Research Question

The best startup to compose a thesis statement is the research question. Therefore, you need to understand the research question clearly to write an excellent thesis statement. This way, you can write a more targeted statement. Know that you have a short space for a thesis statement. Thus, it must be targeted and concise. So consider the research question while writing a thesis statement to address the core points efficiently.

Make a Rough Draft

As said above, you may need to change the thesis statement multiple times. Thus, making a rough draft to start working on it is excellent. It can serve as a map to write a final statement. Also, most students complain they cannot start writing their thesis statement because they do not know where to start. Know that a rough draft is a solution to this problem in a research paper. Moreover, making a rough draft provides flexibility to perform any changes. 

Provide Evidence and Reasoning

At this point, you have gathered evidence to support your thesis statement. The research question can help you put the evidence and reasoning rightly in the statement. You need to provide the readers with evidence and reasoning to persuade them. This stage will help you turn the rough draft into a nearly finalized one. Still, it is not the final draft, and you may need to make more adjustments accordingly. 

Make It Clear and Specific

A thesis statement should not puzzle the readers. Thus, it must be clear and specific, so that it can reflect your original ideas. This way, you can eliminate any chances of doubts that the readers will get a wrong concept of the purpose of your research paper. If your thesis statement contains all these attributes, it will help the readers understands exactly what you want to say.

You just have a sentence or two to make a thesis statement. Thus, there is no margin or irrelevancy and confusion in it. Your aim is to convince the readers in just two sentences. You can thrive in it by making it clear and specific. So be careful of what you are putting in the name of a thesis statement.

Try to Make It Controversial

What makes a thesis statement different from a fact is its debatable nature. You have to make it argumentative so that the readers will not think of it as a fact. If you do not know whether your statement is debatable or not, do not worry. There is an easy way to find it out. Come up with counter-arguments of your own thesis. If you think you can counter your own statement, it means it is controversial


The above tips are excellent to write a thesis statement. If you follow these tips respectively, you can compose an eye-catching statement. However, time is something that you need to sacrifice to make a brilliant statement. It may seem easy to imagine writing a sentence or two for your thesis statement. Believe me, but most students struggle to write a fitting thesis statement for their research. That is why many students call it the most daunting task in the process of research writing. Yet, the above ways can help you overcome it efficiently. Thus, if you do not want to use any Online Class Help service to get expert writers’ assistance, follow the above guide. This article is enough to help you compose a great thesis statement. So you do not have to spend money hiring experts for it. I hope you find this post informative.






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