5 Tips for Keeping Kids Clothes Clean

5 Tips for Keeping Kids Clothes Clean

It can be difficult to keep kids clothes clean and organized, especially if you’re the parent of one or more active children who love playing outside and getting dirty. However, with these five helpful tips, you’ll find that keeping kids clothes clean won’t be as much of a chore as it seems! Also, if you are looking for clothes for kids online then check out bachaaparty.com

1. Keep an eye out for stains

Be on alert for stains on your kids’ clothes. This way, you can treat them before they become a permanent fixture and make rewashing your child’s clothes more difficult. Bring stain-removing wipes to restaurants with you. Hand sanitizer also helps remove crayon from clothing when no water is available. A microfiber towel works well as an all-purpose cleaning rag, too! They don’t leave lint behind like regular towels do and are great at removing food or drink spills from clothes.

2. Choose the right detergent

You can’t keep kids clothes clean if you use a laundry detergent that doesn’t work. Make sure to choose a detergent from a trusted brand that has been rated as highly effective at removing stains and keeping clothes looking new for longer. A great detergent will cost more than cheaper brands, but not only is it safer for your children—it will also extend their clothes’ lifespan and save you money in the long run.

3. Add white vinegar to the rinse cycle

Fill your washing machine’s detergent compartment with white vinegar instead of laundry detergent when washing kids clothes. This will help to remove odours and keep clothes looking bright and new! Let stand in the washer for 5-10 minutes before the rinsing cycle, then rinse as usual. Dry clothes on the high heat setting, or air dry them if possible—if you notice that clothes aren’t smelling clean, repeat the process until they do.

4. Do not over dry your clothes

Over-drying can shrink clothes, or cause them to fall apart. To protect clothes and prevent wrinkling, hang them in a cool place that is well ventilated. You’ll also want to regularly check your dryer’s lint trap. Over time, lint from garments can build up and clog your dryerreducing efficiency and making your clothes take longer to dry. If you notice clothes aren’t drying as quickly as they used to, clean out your lint trap!

5. Properly ventilate your washing machine

Proper ventilation is important not only to help your clothes dry faster but also to keep your machine from becoming a germ farm. An unclean washing machine will cause odours and mildew, as well as leave mould behind on your clothing that you can’t even see. And we don’t want to think about what it might be doing to our health. Be sure your washer has an exhaust pipe; if it doesn’t then install one yourself.


Children’s clothing is a significant investment for a family. The car can be repainted, but that’s not the case when it comes to clothes. You need something safe and wrinkle-free which is easy to dry and dry clean. We are sure you would want to read about clothes for kids online to pick your favourite for your little ones.






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