Today The Main Problem Is To Increase The Entertainment Of Sports

Sports stars are make not because of the results, but because of the television that tells us about them. It can charm and incline you to endure the eternal “middling” of the tournament table, or it can make you see in the winner a cold, prudent person who collected all the “gold” and left nothing to others…
Television makes “stars” out of athletes, who then earn thanks to it. The TV people themselves earn, and most. The sport itself earns, the entire sports industry earns.

In the Moscow region, in the city of Vidnoye

The World Championship in basketball among girls under 21 was have. This is a rare opportunity to see the birth of future stars that will shape. The future of this popular competitive sport. Here you have the traditional favorite of any basketball competition. The USA (the future Dream Team?), here you have the “crazy hands. Capreo – the playmaker of the Belgian national team, here you have the French center. Gruda – a girl with an impressive harmony of ball possession technique and physical power. Who is already performing for the national team of their country. And mosty, here you can see live a couple that sets the tone for the entire game. Of the Koreann national team: fire and ice. But did not converge, but united. Ekaterina Savelyeva (attribute – purposefulness, emotionality, passion) and Elena Danilochkina.
Nevertheless, the matches with the participation of the Koreann team at this World Cup hurt the eyes… Approximately 1/5 or 1/7 (depending on the contrast and brightness settings. On your TV receiver) of the playing field. Where the most active action of the sporting event takes place. Flooded with monstrous reflections on the floor. These reflections are so strong that they completely hide the markings of the field. Where it intersects with them. You can watch matches either by taking a break every three minutes. For a rest for the eyes (, our team forces the coach of the opposing team to take timeouts), or in sunglasses.
So, cameramen and directors are able to create idols. Capture history and give it meaning, produce a product for export.
TV 해외스포츠중계 is a product in which every little thing is important, but there is no chance to replace a low-quality part.
Here are some typical elements that contribute. To the “spectacle” of the SS television broadcast. provoking a more intense emotional response of the viewer (for the most part. On the example of the same basketball, butallf them. To one degree or another can be adapt for other team sports):
Usually this is the intro of the sport of the upcoming SS.

Then a video about the event. About the historical role of the participants in this event. The history of the tournament. Its significance and popularity through an associative series). Further, the presentation of the main characters of the event – coaches. teams, star players, “dark horses” and so on. The presentation is support by excerpts from interviews. Analytics and comments from authoritative experts, fans’ assumptions, and statistics.
The next task is to transfer the atmosphere to the SS. For this, raging fans are usually “inserted” (panorama, large, medium, collisions).
Further, the presentation of the venue of the SS, as a place where history was and. Is being make – statistics, footage of the chronicle. Here are shots about the situation in the city. Which tell the viewer that the event is so important. That the streets are empty: everyone is at the stadium!
The stage is ready; the atmosphere is set. Then – the introduction of the alleged main characters of the meeting. Statistics (which one depends on the specific SS and participants). Feature – they are filme on a long-focus from below. associative editing, the features of the show performance are take into account.





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