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Tools To Prevent Falling Asleep At The Vehicle

Driving requires a driver’s full attention on the road and surrounding vehicles. 

Sleep has no place in a driver’s eyes as it can be fatal. But a long trip doesn’t care about sleep. Especially fleet management companies, who have a promise to keep, and goods to deliver on time.

Thus, it is vital to ensure that your drivers don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Technology is playing an important role in ensuring so. 

The vehicle tracking systems are available today, alerting you if your driver is straying. Dash Cam India is also making tremendous progress by keeping an eye on vehicles on the move.

This article will help you learn about tools to prevent falling asleep at the wheel.

Timely Driver Shifts

A fleet manager can ensure that driver shifts are scheduled carefully by using an effective trip management system and fleet management system

A driver who was behind the wheel all day cannot be expected to do the same and perform efficiently at night as well  

Walk Along With Technology

Technology can save you from a tragic incident, as proved in various cases. 

Every year thousands of injuries and crashes are recorded. Most of them are due to drowsiness, mobile activity while driving, or bad focus.

To detect this, fatigue detection systems are being installed in vehicles in addition to the vehicle tracker device, GPS devices for trucks, and dashcam India. This system alerts a driver about fatigue and advises them to rest.

The dashcam trucks can detect activities like yawning, sleepiness, posture and take corrective actions like alerting drivers. 

An effective fleet management system ensures that the drivers perform at their best and are given proper resting time. 

Vehicle tracker devices also alert managers if the vehicles have stopped. The vehicle and its driver must take proper rest before moving ahead on a long journey. 

Enough Sleep

It’s the job of fleet managers to ensure that the shifts are scheduled to allow the night drivers to take proper sleep. If there is a long journey ahead, schedule the week off a day before it so that drivers are refreshed and adequately charged. Drivers must also ensure that they get enough sleep the night before the trip. It will reduce drowsiness and avoid any unwanted incidents.  

Take Regular Breaks

Reaching safely to the destination should be the aim of a driver instead of reaching quickly. It can be ensured by taking regular breaks. 

Managers must advise the same to their drivers. They can also keep an eye on the activity through the GPS devices for trucks. 

Any unusual driving gets recorded on dashcam trucks, and the fuel management system also flags if drivers accelerate unnecessarily. 

If the driver is not taking breaks or accelerating to reach fast, they can alert them and coach them later.

Don’t Avoid Warning Signs

If your eyes are closing voluntarily, itching, you can’t concentrate, or yawning too much, these are the signs that you should stop. Don’t avoid these signs. 

Take a coffee break, or take a quick nap and start again. Listening to music in the truck is also a great idea to ward off sleep. 

Don’t Drive At Peak Sleeping Hours

The peak sleeping hours are midnight to 6 am. The new drivers who are not accustomed to driving at night should not be scheduled for a night trip. 

Even experienced drivers should avoid driving at these hours. This is when drowsiness attacks and most crashes happen. 

The best way to avoid it is to assign two drivers for a night trip. This way, one can rest while the other one drives, and they can switch positions for maximum efficiency. 

Avoid Heavy Foods And Alcohol

Apart from installing dash cam trucks, vehicle tracker devices, GPS devices for trucks, and using fleet management systems, it is important to keep in mind the basic reasons that cause drowsiness while sleeping. 

The first of them is heavy food. A casserole or seven-course meal will invite sleep faster than you know. 

Also, avoid any alcoholic drinks before driving. First, it is illegal to drive after drinking. Second, alcohol causes severe drowsiness, which can be very dangerous.

Also, avoid any medications that may cause drowsiness.

Final Words

Understanding the primary reasons for sleepiness and avoiding them is the first class of defense against any accident caused by falling asleep at the wheel. 

Utilizing dashcam India, fleet management system, and fatigue detection system can help detect any drowsiness in drivers while sleeping and alerting them. 

These installations can save injuries, loss of goods, and loss of lives.

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