Top 10 Free Customer Relationship Management Software for Small Business

Online marketing, customer retention, and email marketing have become important for businesses during COVID-19. With most employees and customers now operating remotely, Fortune Business Insights predicts that the customer relationship management (CRM) market will continue to grow significantly over the next few years. 

It usually takes a lot of time, effort, and trial to determine which CRM software is best for you and understand how it is used. Here we will tell you about coupons for small businesses.

Fresh Works Software for Customer Relationship Management:

Freshworks CRM, targeted at small to midsize organizations, is at the top of the charts. Freshworks CRM’s Forever Free package includes CRM and marketing tracking. The free subscription of Freshworks CRM provides unlimited users, contact management, and lead administration via lead capture forms and website tracking. Customers can even use the designed phone system and web chat bots to increase client communication levels. 


HubSpot CRM is built with HubSpot focus on customer and customer engagement. Its free CRM program provides the features needed to start client tracking and expected interaction and access HubSpot’s marketing features. 

HubSpot’s free CRM tools include lead and contact tracking, customer support management systems, and marketing tools such as email templates and messenger website tools. The coupons from HubSpot are available at 

CRM Named Agile: 

Agile CRM is a free CRM solution for up to ten people that allows enterprises to handle up to 50,000 connections and companies. Agile CRM also offers email tracking, custom sales leads, and lead goals – making it a solid free solution for small businesses. 

You can avail coupons for small businesses on the internetThis CRM also offers paid tiers for companies with broader needs. Featured features include home page builders, marketing automation, and customer support.

Zoho CRM:

For up to three users, Zoho CRM provides free CRM tools. The free solution offers essential tools for managing lead sales, contacts, accounts and calls records, workflows, and regular reports. 

You can get a massive discount by using free marketing software. Users can also use basic email templates to facilitate communication and use website forms to collect new prospects.

Insightly CRM:

Insightly offers a free version of its CRM for two-person teams. Businesses can handle up to 2,500 records for free, including connections, deals, and accounts. Users can also add up to two custom fields per record type, allowing businesses to tailor the solution to their needs. 

Five email templates are included in the free plan to help you manage and standardize your correspondence. In addition, up to ten customized reports can be displayed on the dashboard analytics.

Apptivo CRM:

It provides a free one-user starting CRM plan. CRM software aids in the management of leads, contacts, tasks, appointments, and notes for enterprises. Thanks to the available capabilities, a user may keep track of the most vital facts about their prospects and clients in one straightforward system. 

Apptivo Starter CRM also provides capabilities for managing suppliers, distributors, and workers, among other critical company contacts. If you want discounts, you should look for coupons for small businesses at

EngageBay CRM:

There are 500 connections in the app, and in addition, every contact record has a 360-degree view. Activity, mails, deals, tasks, notes, workflow, conversations, events, and other interactions are visible. Create numerous customizable pipelines for different sales processes and services. 

Another feature not typically seen in a free plan is selling sequences, which lets you build, plan, and monitor a series of automated, tailored emails to follow up with contacts and leads. Compare the prices of various coupons for small businesses to get the best benefits.

Bitrix24 CRM:

Bitrix24 is the lone exception in offering unrestricted men and women. It includes its additional traits, separates that from the competitors. Apart from connection, the application integrates workplaces, messaging, internal activities feeds, and surveys for team communication. 

Nowadays, people eagerly wait for coupons for small businesses to grab them on time. The numerous capabilities of Bitrix24 can be intimidating initially, so you can conceal, remove, and rearrange the considered multiple elements. 

Capsule CRM:

Many CRMs go beyond handling contacts and sales, adding essential features like marketing and customer service to their platforms. The capsule has primarily bucked this tendency thus far, which is beneficial if you want to keep relationship management simple. To find the best coupons for small businesses, you should compare different coupons.

Vtiger CRM:

Vtiger is a free CRM with many features that a lot of small businesses will like: contact/deal management, support ticketing, email marketing, and a decent set of reporting capabilities, to mention a few. 

In addition, it can accommodate up to 3,000 records and 10 customers. Many sites provide attractive coupons for small business that every customer want to choose.


You can also find a coupon for business online. Companies unsure about switching to CRM can benefit from taking the first sample of the free version. As a result, you will have more time to decide on the most important aspects of your business before deciding on a particular vendor. Above, we have told you about coupons for small businesses.






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