Top Bathroom Fitting Trends In Medway

Bathrooms are a place of privacy, relaxation, and relief. People obviously want this one room in their homes to be stylish, clean, and sparkling as this is the part of your home which shows how civilized a person is. In 2021 people have found creative ways to decorate their bathrooms. Some have innovated with the showers, and some have made changes with the looks. Creativity ran wild this year, and we have the top 10 2021-bathroom fitting trends to share within this blog post. So, read the post till the end if you want to know which bathroom fitting style is the best for you.

Geometric Tiles

The geometrical tiles are used very creatively to make your bathroom into an art piece. From the door of your bathroom all the way straight to the bathtub, and extending to the wall and giving you a creative path to the bathtub. People have also used geometrical tiles to design the walls and leave the floors extremely white and flat. This design was very popular with artists and other creative professionals.

Jungle View

The Jungle view is a unique style of bathroom. It’s like having a small forest glassed up in your bathroom. Bathroom fitters Medway has been very creative with this trend. This style can be modified in many ways. Design a single green wall, small gardens under your sink, or a rack of many different plants. All the plants can be watered by your used water from the bathtub or the sink.

Ceiling Shower

The ceiling shower trend was very popular in 2021. Attaching a show right in the ceiling of the bathrooms was very creative, saving the wall from having any holes and plumbing. The showers themselves had a lot of space, so the shower designs became bigger. These ceiling showers have the length of a single person and the width of two people. The design is made to accommodate two people taking a shower at once.

The Minimalist

The minimalist trend started because some people installed only the bare minimums in their bathroom and still made it look stylish. Bathroom fitters Medway found creative ways to install fewer things in the bathroom yet make it look as stylish as the high-end luxury models. This creative way of styling bathrooms became popular very quickly as it was cheaper, more elegant, and needed less maintenance.

Vintage Luxury

The vintage style is inspired by the luxuries of the early nineties while having all the necessities of the modern world. Metal bathtubs, wooden flooring, showers with drapes, and other things with a creative hint of today’s world are used in this trend. Interior designers found creative ways to add modern styles and tech into old-fashioned bathroom designs. Adding lights behind the mirror, making the shower switchable between hot and cold waters, and proper toilets instead of buckets.

Cave Bath

This trend was inspired by caves. Through creative art and concrete bathroom fitters Medway added the texture of natural caves on the walls of people’s bathrooms. Many people chose to add this style only on one wall, and only some decided to apply it to the entire bathroom. This trend cannot be applied on the floor as it would be very uncomfortable to walk on. You can apply this trend on any wall of your bathroom, like the wall behind the sink, the wall behind the bathtub, or the wall behind the shower.


This trend is for people who want their small bathrooms to have all the luxuries and look awesome at the same time. This is a great way to make the most out of the small bathroom space you have. This trend makes your bathroom look completely up to date with the latest styles. You may have to compromise on having one of the two, the bathtub or the shower, because of the small space of your bathroom. You can choose a bathtub shower, but that is an old trend and unsafe.

Gravel Beach

Resting the bathtub on a layer of gravel was very popular in 2021. Bathroom fitters Medway use luxury aquarium-grade gravel as the bed for their bathtubs. Using gravel, your bathtub does not need feet to support itself and can stay up by using gravel as a cushion. Some people also added this gravel under the sinks. This trend cannot be used under the shower as it will be very painful to walk on with wet feet.

Grass Lands

The grassland trend is for people that enjoy creative ways to decorate their flooring. Use artificial grass as the floor bed of your bathrooms. Bathroom fitters Medway used this trend in many different ways. Some people covered their whole floor in artificial grass, and some people used patches of artificial grass as dry mats.

Great View

This is the trend for people who like to enjoy a good view while they shower or relax in their bathtub. People also started installing big windows to add a good view of the outdoors.






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