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Top Things to do in Kedarkantha Trek

Things to do in Kedarkantha Trek 


Kedarkantha  is situated   In Uttarakhand close to Har Ki Dun but Kedarkantha  is Not a Tourist spot  and the beauty of this place is unimaginable. The  villages near kedarkantha  are beautiful  and also  on the way to kedarkantha ,There is  a Big  stretch of meadows and snow paths and snow covered mountains  named as The  Himalayas.  Locals of Kedarkantha  are really friendly and the culture is  really  unique in Kedarkantha . 

The mesmerizing kedarkantha trek does not  end here. You can learn to ski and ski while watching the snow covered mountains. The Kedarkantha trek is a trek one should not miss. Especially those who are fond of adventure activities. The best part of the Kedarkantha trek is the summit climb. This particular trek can be  a little  bit complicated because of its narrow path  and the climb can be a little bit difficult because of the extreme cold  weather and  also  the climb is very steep.

In Kedarkantha trek you are always surrounded by  the snow and the Himalayas. Once you reach the top you will feel  a sense of accomplishment and also give you a sense of satisfaction.This will be an amazing feeling  

Clothes to Carry

Because of the extreme weather it is advisable to carry a thick jacket, 5-10 pairs of clothes, and shoes with snow grip . Everything packed in a Rucksack.

If you are Doing the trek in winter months then carry:

  • Jacket with thick layers , 6-9 pairs of comfortable clothes(No shorts because you will be walking in snow and the temperature will be in single digit or Negative).
  • Trekking shoes which are waterproof and provides grip in snow 
  • Pack everything in a Rucksack and a daypack. Do not bring Suitcases as you will be carrying the luggage with you whenever you are on the move.

It Usually requires 6 days to complete the Kedarkantha trek. 

Top Things to do

Here are some things you can do in Kedarkantha trek 

Sankri Zipline

There is a Zipline facility available in Sankri where tourists can avail the facility of zipline and it is really good if you are going to Kedarkantha they should definitely visit sankri for zipline. 

Kedarkantha skiing

Kedarkantha is an amazing place and skiing in an amazing place is an even better experience. This experience is offered on Kedarkantha and if you are a beginner then you can also learn skiing in Kedarkantha. There is a whole course where they will teach you skiing and it will be a lot of fun. You can check many organizations that provide skiing. 

Someshwar mahadev sankri

There is a someshwar mahadev temple in sankri. It is dedicated to lord shiva. Many tourists visit this place to see its culture and architecture.  The architecture of this temple is pahadi style and therefore it makes it very unique to see. 

Juda ka talab

Juda ka talab, is situated in garhwal region  uttarkashi district and is a  lake with amazing scenery and views of Himalayas. It is situated at high altitude and it is a frozen lake and is situated at 2700 metres. It is situated on the way to  Kedarkantha. 


Sankri is an amazing place just on the way to Kedarkantha and it is a must visit place for all the trekkers. There is a wildlife sanctuary in Sankri which you should visit and apart from that it has some amazing views of the mountains. 

Har ki dun trek

If you are going for the Kedarkantha trek you should also do the Har ki dun trek. It is also a really nice trek at a height of 3566 metres. It is also located in Govind Ballabh Pant National Park which is located in Sankri. Har ki dun is also known as one of the best trekking destinations in India so if you are planning on exploring that area you should definitely consider Har ki dun trek as well. 

These were the things to do in Kedarkantha. Plan your trip soon. 

Happy Trekking!


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