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Trademark Registration for Your Brand/Company

When we talk about a business setup in UAE our first and prime goal is to register our brand as a trademark which refers to the brand logo, tagline, or a motto that is the identity of any company or business. It will help you to distinguish your own products and services from other companies.

Brand protection

If you have a new company set up and trying to expand your business, the first step you need to take is your brand registration. It will protect your brand, products, and services from being used by other companies. Trademark is a particular identity of your company that will increase your brand awareness and a brand registration consultant UAE will help to achieve this goal.

Advantages of brand registration

Trademark is a valuable step to stand your business on top of other companies. Your brand registration will help you to attract potential customers. After registration of a trademark, you will have a specific logo symbol that will help your customers to search for your services and products. Some of the major benefits of the trademark are:

  • Characteristic products and services
  • Brand protection
  • Restrict other companies to use your brand
  • Important for international trade
  • Give a unique logo

Can I apply for brand registration?

People who are willing for their business setup in UAE can register their trademarks including Individual proprietors, partner organizations, companies including public and private companies, partnership companies, NOG, social foundations, etc.

What criteria should keep in mind?

In order to register your trademark, brand registration consultant UAE will help you with some criteria.

  • Instinctive trademark
  • Specific to your company
  • Do not confuse with other trademarks
  • Should not misguide the product and services through your trademark


Your company trademark can be registered if it completes the following requirements.

  • Owner or proprietor name
  • A suitable logo or trademark
  • Potential services and products for trademark.
  • Authentic address of owner or applicant

Documentation for brand registration

You must attach the following documents along with your application form.

  • Applicant personal details: the one applying for registration must include his personal details like name, address, identification.
  • Company details: they must mention the company name, address, owner information, type of company whether private or partnership company.
  • The document proves national identity.
  • Product description
  • Suggested trademark
  • Legal attorney papers

Process of brand registration

In order to register your brand as a trademark, you have to follow the below steps.

  • Submit your application and required documents to the registrar
  • Your trademark should be unique, that is why you need to search for a proper trademark
  • You need to advertise your brand in the newspaper after its acceptance
  • If you will have no objection to your brand trademark then it will be registered in 2 months.
  • You will be issued a brand trademark certificate.


If you are searching the kick for your business setup in UAE and to reach maximum people, you need to have a brand name or trademark logo that will enhance your brand awareness in clients. Brand registration in UAE will help you in all the above steps and processes to pass smoothly and effortlessly.


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