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Two Wheeler Apollo Tyres Price List in Noida, Delhi NCR

Two Wheeler Apollo Tyres Price List in Noida

About Apollo Tyres Review

Apollo Tires Limited is one of the main tire producers in the country. Set up in the year 1972, Two Wheeler Apollo Tyres Price List owns and works upwards of six assembling units across the globe with four in India, one in the Netherlands, and one in Hungary. The Gurugram settled tire brand has extended its wings to each side of the nation and as of now fights out from adversaries like Bridgestone, MRF, Michelin, CEAT, JK, and Goodyear. During almost fifty years, Apollo has sent off numerous wonderful items with one of the best being the ‘Amazer’ tire series.

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Designated towards the traveler vehicle portion, the Apollo Amazer Tire series, which significantly centers around the eco-friendliness angle, comprises Amazer 3G, Amazer 3G Maxx, Amazer XL, and Amazer 4G Life tire models. Here, Two Wheeler Apollo Tyre Price List is pitched for toughness and execution, while the Amazer 3G and Amazer 3G Maxx focus on eco-friendliness and long track life.

Additionally, the uncommonly created Amazer 4G Life has everything from upgraded eco-friendliness to improved slowing down and from high sturdiness to better obstruction than penetrates. Amazer 4G Life was presented as a high-mileage traveler vehicle tire that guarantees a run of more than 1,00,000 kilometers. The Two Wheeler Apollo Tyres Price Amazer series covers all the traveler fragment vehicles be it MPVs/MUVs, SUVs, vans, minimized cars, hatchbacks, or little vehicles. The tire size begins with R 12-inch and goes up to R 16-inch with a reach including tube type and tubeless tires.

Two Wheeler Apollo Tyres Performance

Beginning with Amazer 3G and 3G Maxx tubeless tires, they present longer tire life due to diminished unsprung mass, which additionally prompts predominant eco-friendliness. What’s more, there are ideal checks for preeminent padding that guarantee an agreeable ride. Because of its lopsided track design, 3G Maxx gives predominant control on a wide range of streets along with better fast cornering and mobility on wet/dry streets. The Amazer XL on other hand presents a life span and standard execution, which is great for reduced vehicles, MPVs, and vans. Notwithstanding being sturdy they offer low clamor.

Here are the Two Wheeler Apollo Tyre Price List

Inside no time Two Wheeler Apollo Tyre Price List has commanded the notice of the majority in the country. Furthermore, it has worked its method for securing itself as probably the blockbuster in the Two Wheeler Apollo Tyres Price portfolio. Another valid justification that has captivated purchasers is its pocket-accommodating cost.

  • INR 4300 – 175/65 R14 Apollo Amazer 4G Life
  • INR 2950 – 155/80 R13 Apollo Amazer 4G Life
  • INR 2700 – 155/65 R13 Apollo Amazer 4G Life
  • INR 3750 – 165/65 R14 Apollo Amazer 4G Life
  • INR 2750 – 165/80 R14 Apollo 3G MAXX
  • INR 4000 – 185/70 R14 Apollo Amazer 4G Life
  • INR 7450 – 215/65 R16 Apollo Apterra HT2
  • INR 6900 – 235/70 R16 Apollo Apterra HT
  • INR 6700 – 235/70 R16 Apollo Apterra HT 2
  • INR 9500 – 215/55 R17 Apollo Aspire 4G
  • INR 12800 – 235/60 R18 Apollo Apterra HP
  • INR 12207 – 265/60 R18 Apollo Apterra HT
  • INR 3100 – 165/80 R14 Apollo Amazer 4G Life
  • INR 3950 – 185/65 R14 Apollo Alanac 4GS
  • INR 3950 – 165/70 R14 Apollo Amazer 4G Life
  • INR 10300 – 265/65 R17 Apollo Apterra HT 2

Apollo Tire Fuel Efficiency Factor

Under the Apollo Tires item portfolio, Amazer is introduced as a cutting-edge item that is created remembering the worries of Indian tire purchasers. The one thing that disturbs them the most is the eco-friendliness factor. Furthermore, Amazer here furnishes them with high fuel mileage yet, in addition, offers broadened life, up to 1 lakh kilometers in the event of Amazer 4G Life.

Apollo Tyres Warranty for Two Wheeler

There are numerous guarantee covers in Apollo. One of which is an unequivocal guarantee that offers an inward feeling of harmony to the tire purchasers. The greater part of the Amazer series models is covered under the 2 years genuine guarantee + 3 years maker guarantee. Apollo expresses that assuming the bought tire becomes unserviceable in, under a long time from the date of procurement or presentations 50% wear (whichever is prior), the organization will give you another tire on a supportive of rata premise.

Apollo Tire Speed Rating

Two Wheeler Apollo Tyre Price List gets speed appraisals “T” or “S” for their different tire sizes which just implies that these tires can be driven up to a maximum velocity of 190 km/hr and 180 km/hr separately. Astounding series targets section-level or medium-sized vehicles, which generally don’t accomplish the sign of 190 km/hr. Hence, for a smaller car or little hatchback proprietors, Amazer can end up being an unequivocal decision. What’s more in any event, for SUVs and MUVs like Mahindra Scorpio, Mahindra Bolero, Toyota Innova, and so forth this tyre can be an extensive decision as these as too can’t clock more than 160 km/hr. in Indian.

Competitors of Apollo Tyres

As a mass portion vehicle tire, the Amazer series welcomes intense rivalry from rival tire brands in the country. The adversary list incorporates players like JK Ultima NXT, Bridgestone S322, CEAT Milaze, Bridgestone B290, MRF ZEC, MRF ZVTS, Goodyear Ducaro Hi-Miler, and so on

Apollo Tire Compound

Apollo Amazer tires are fabricated utilizing novel tire track compounds, which guarantee a long existence of the tires. The tires convey stiffer sidewalls for a better foothold in any climate condition and adaptability prompting the solace of the inhabitants. With the utilization of diminished unsprung mass, Apollo Amazer guarantees better eco-friendliness. Additionally, the Amazer 4G utilizations a further developed track compound and 6-layered assurance, prompting obstruction against cuts or penetrates in the end guaranteeing solidness.

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Apollo Construction Type

Apollo Amazer tires are made involving supported tire development for a more drawn-out life expectancy. Made accessible as outspread development, the steel belts of the tire stream at a 90-degree point of the track place line. The Apollo Amazer tires run cooler contrasted with other predisposition tires and have longer track life close by a more extensive contact fix at the street surface. Additionally, there are visual arrangement pointers on each Amazer tire that distinguish misalignment wear in the tire. The ideal blend of hard and delicate mixtures guarantees the most extreme grasp and optimal water dispersal.


Beginning with the Amazer XL, Amazer 3G/3G Maxx and finally Amazer 4G, this series has been a distinct advantage for Apollo Tires particularly in the requesting mass portion. Here tire mileage and eco-friendliness both count, besides, another unequivocal element is the valuing. Furthermore, the Amazer series takes a look at the appropriate boxes to turn into the top pick of the cost and-worth cognizant Indian personalities. On reasonableness as well, Amazer scores high focus. The strong pit configuration guarantees sway obstruction on a terrible street and with the utilization of micropuncture innovation in 4G tires one says bye-bye to visit penetrates.


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