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Wedding Cake Designs for the Modern Bride and Groom

Weddings are rife with tradition. Rings, flowers, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. However, one tradition that has recently been given a contemporary twist is the wedding cake you see in cake boxes.

Many couples still choose the classic three-tiered cake topped with marzipan. They also like to have the white fondant frosting and small figurines of the bride and groom. However, a whole new kind of wedding cake is gaining vogue these days.

So, what are the modern couple’s options? Get to know a guide to the beautiful array of cakes available for your special day.

The Tower of Cupcakes

The name is self-explanatory. The cupcake has been increasingly popular in recent years, and it’s no surprise that the trend has spread to the domain of wedding cakes. These towers are stunning, and since the tower is already split into separate sections, there is no need to cut and distribute the cakes among visitors. You can have it in catchy and strong cake boxes wholesale.

Cakes may be produced in a wide range of flavors and fillings to suit everyone’s preferences. It doesn’t matter if it’s red velvet or chocolate fondant or if the bride and groom want a wide variety of other cupcake flavors.

Cupcakes are also an excellent option to accommodate visitors with food intolerances and/or allergies. Also, nut-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free cakes may be properly produced and labeled for people with special dietary requirements.

The Cake with Characters

Perhaps the character cake is for individuals who have unique interests in a certain sector or who want to express a distinctive facet of their relationship. You may add a certain artist, singer, or celebrity who has importance to you or is a shared love that they’d want to be a part of your big day into your wedding cake.

If you are a fan of David Bowie, or a bride and groom, for example, you may want to construct your own cake. A leaning tower, for example, may be of interest to both of their fields. Be warned that depending on the design, this sort of cake may be highly costly and hence considered a luxury. Keep it tasteful no matter what you do.

Layers of the Finest Cheeses in Tiered Layers

Some brides and grooms no longer have a wedding ‘cake,’ at least not a sugary one. Couples who do not have a sweet appetite typically choose for a wedding cake made up of numerous layers of the best cheeses. The brie, camembert, and cheddar cheeses are what you should layer on top of stilton cheese, Lancashire cheese, and cheddar cheese.

This sort of ‘wedding cake’ may appear quite spectacular when surrounded by fruits and flowers, and it is an excellent option for brides and grooms who do not like sugary cakes.

Strange and wacky

Some individuals want something entirely out of the ordinary for their wedding cake, something that people will remember for the rest of their lives. Some specific designs have included:

  • A full-sized bride model.
  • There was a tiered cake that pictured the bride and groom in a shootout between different platforms.
  • A cake with a fish aquarium integrated into it.
  • You can have a cake in cake boxes with four pixelated Mario Bros.
  • Also, consider a bridal gown model, complete with a real bride within.

The possibilities listed above are definitely extreme instances. But, if you have the money, why not invest in something that will be remembered? You may as well get a cake that everyone will remember your special day. But you need to do it only if the bride and groom agree on anything. So do your homework, shop around, and you’re sure to discover the ideal cake in cake packaging for your big day.

3 Suggestions for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

With wedding season in full swing, many couples and their families will face hundreds of choices before the big day. Ordering your wedding cake in small cake boxes should be at the top of your to-do list since the process of picking one may be more difficult than you think.

Experienced bakers create hundreds of wedding cakes, and no two are alike! While some may seem identical, the bride and groom, as well as their family, are always seeking something distinctive – and properly so. We recognize that it’s a significant day. There are a few things to consider and prepare for when purchasing your own wedding cake, regardless of where you get it.

What About the Size

First and foremost, how large will your wedding be? How many people will be at the party, and how many visitors will there be? Typically, the larger the wedding, the more formal the cake cutting will be. The majority of the cakes cake makers manufacture are made entirely of actual and edible ingredients. However, this might be difficult for a big wedding. Therefore, you will also need to acquire individual wedding cake boxes. Otherwise, your wedding cake may wind up in a heap of shambles when attempting to serve all of the guests. It’s not a nice sight.

Consider the Design You Like

Second, the design of the cake you observe in custom cake boxes is entirely up to you. Thus, you’ll need to pay a visit to the bakery beforehand. I suggest calling your local baker at least a month ahead of time to arrange a meeting. Also, you need to negotiate the delivery date. Suppliers can show couples and their families previous designs as well as some of the most recent creations when they search online. We often make designs using photos (or even magazine or book images) that customers send in. This is a fantastic concept, and we love that the customer has something special in mind. Cake makers may finish the first meeting by agreeing on a base cake flavor, color, and fondant. They will also show you the general design of the cake.

Process of Making Cakes

Aside from the two factors mentioned above, cake construction also affects wedding day logistics. Tiered cakes in cake boxes are particularly problematic. The cake may be picked up on the wedding day by a family member if it can be transported easily.


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