What are the Ways of Maintaining a Rifle Scope?

A rifle scope is used to magnify the image of the target. It is done using a convex objective lens, which creates a magnified image received by a concave eyepiece. The physics mechanisms are used here as the image is created as the light rays turn when they enter the lens. If the lens being used is larger, the image will be brighter as more light will let in. That is why using your first rifle scope can be an exciting experience, but at the same time, maintaining it could be hard, and it is the same for all gun accessories.

How to Keep a Rifle Scope in Good Condition?

It takes a lot of effort to take care of your rifle scope. The lenses are very sensitive and can get damaged, but the rifle scope will remain in good shape if you follow these simple tips.

Keep the Lens Clean

It is a very good practice of cleaning the lens on a regular basis, but it should not be done more excessively than required. It would help if you were careful in not getting into too much cleaning as it can result in the lens getting scratched. It mainly happens when the cloth you are using is rough. For this, you have to use a smooth fabric cloth with rubbing spray to clean the lens properly. The cap of the riflescope must be closed when not in use. Otherwise, the dirt gets into the smallest cracks, and the lens gets dirty with time. However, if you clean it regularly, it can last for a longer time.

Filling the Nitrogen Gas

Nitrogen gas has the tendency to replace all water molecules and keep moisture from entering the rifle scope. Moisture is very dangerous as it can blur the image. That is why the companies fill rifle scopes with nitrogen gas, but unfortunately, it does wear off with time. For this to avoid, you must contact your gun accessories provider to fill the gas. A suitable gun accessories store will always instruct you on maintaining your scope and changing the nitrogen properly on time.

Keep the Rifle Scope in Good Position

It would help if you were very careful when putting the scope back together after getting it cleaned. At times, in haste, people do not align the lenses properly and damage them during the process. Additionally, a wrong alignment also leads to wrong aims and could result in fatal incidents. Following this tip will help you maintain a healthy rifle scope without any difficulties.

Do Not Use Oil

There are oils made specifically for the gun parts that help in keeping them smooth and free of friction. But here, you need to understand that scope is not a moving part. The use of oil can damage the lenses. If the oil gets inside the lens, it will damage it and makes it hard to clean it. Many gun stores are available, so get to the store and let your lens clean thoroughly when contacted with oil.

Using a Lens pen

A lens pen is a useful instrument that is particularly designed for thoroughly cleaning the lenses. It is in widespread use among photographers and hunters because it cleans effectively without the use of any liquids. It is comprised of two ends, one end has strands for dusting off the lens, and the other end has a pad with a compound of carbon cleaning that is used to rub out the dirt streaks. But it would help if you made sure the dusting strands were free of oil and dust before getting them on your lens. Moreover, the lens pens are very reasonable, so you must buy them as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions on the ways of maintaining a rifle scope.

Can we clean the scope lens with alcohol?

Yes, pure alcohol like ethanol and isopropanol can clean the coated lenses. But you cannot use other solvents like acetone, thinner, and petrol. These can react with the lens coating and result in permanent damage.

Why can we not use oil on the lens?

You cannot use oil on the lens as it blurs the image. In case the oil gets into the lens, it will damage it. That is why you need to use the instruments made specifically for cleaning the lens, like a lens pen.

How far should a rifle scope be from your eye while shooting?

In order to make it simple, you need to be sure to buy a scope that has at least 3.5 inches of eye relief. However, if your rifle has heavy recoil, then you must go for even higher eye relief.

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