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What Casio G-Shock limited editions are popular right now?

That is the big question many Casio G-Shock fans are asking. Is it worth buying a limited edition Casio G-Shock watch (G-Shock Limited)?

We are going to tell you in a few words. As a general rule it is not a good investment to buy a Casio G-Shock Limited… that is. Do not buy this watch and then try to sell it and earn a few euros. Only on very rare occasions will you be able to obtain some kind of benefit.

What you have to consider is if you like the watch… Do you like the limited edition G-Shock Limited more than the original watch? Well, go for this model, always keeping in mind that it may cost a little more expensive than the normal and current model.

Tip? Many of these Casio limited editions drop in price a few months after their release. It may be worth waiting to buy them, although you risk running out of stock.

Casio G-Shock watches are the most popular and sold of the entire extensive collection of Casio watches, with permission of the famous Casio F-91W or the Casio CA-53W , the calculator watch.

Which Casio G-Shock Limited watches can maintain or increase their value over time?

No one can assure you that a limited edition Casio G-Shock will appreciate in value over time. It is a question of demand, of how many watches Casio is going to make, and whether or not the public is crazy about that model.

eye! There are G-Shock models that hold their value better over time. Which? Well, normally the most expensive high-end models with a more careful manufacture, the versions made of titanium. Models from ranges such as G-SHOCK MT-G or G-SHOCK MR-G that can cost about 1,000 euros or much more (up to 4,000 or 6,000 euros).

Japan-only models may also have more value in the long run. If you take a trip to this country, you may be interested in taking a few models with the ending “JF”, “JR” or “J” (Japan Domestic Market): they usually have different packaging and the designs can be quite different.

Problem with Casio and other Japanese watch brands like Seiko? The number of limited editions continues to increase. There are so many models that it is almost impossible to know for sure if the limited edition is worth it… With Seiko the case is especially worrying.

  • We repeat. Buy the watch because you like the model, not because you think it will be worth more over time. Are you a Dragon Ball Z fan? Buy the Casio G-Shock Limited Edition Dragon Ball Z…

What watches are fast disappearing from stores right now? Well, the truth is that the “Rainbow” editions are quite popular, that is, the Casio G-Shock watches with all the colors of the rainbow, such as the MTG-B2000PH-2AER, but also models with a very pronounced camouflage style such as the GMW-B5000TCF-2ER. They are not cheap.

Premium finishes and somewhat high prices. Possibly a watch for life.

But maybe what you have to do is think about what you are going to use your Casio G-Shock for:

1.-Casio G-Shock for extreme situations (diving, trekking, aviation, physical work):

  • Master of G Line: Gravitymaster (GWR-B1000), Mudmaster (GWG-1000), Gulfmaster (GWN-1000B), Rangeman (GW-9400 and GPR-B1000), Mudman (G-9300).

2.-Casio G-Shock for casual situations (dress casually, hiking, swimming):

  • G-SHOCK Master of G, G-SHOCK Classic, G-SHOCK The Origin and G-SHOCK TRENDING series watches: GG -B100, GM-6900, DW-5600, GBX-100

3.-Casio G-Shock to take to work or go more elegant:

  • G-SHOCK MT-G, G-SHOCK G-STEEL and G-SHOCK The Origin series watches: GM -5600-1ER, GM6900G-9ER, GMW-B5000, GST-B200, GST-B300, MTG-B1000

4.-Casio G-Shock to get in shape or play sports :

  • G-SHOCK G-SQUAD series watches : GBD-H1000, GBD-100, GBD-800

5.-Casio G-Shock smartwatch:

  • For now only the Casio G-Shock GSW-H1000-1ER with Wear OS by Google that has gone on sale in 2021

What Casio G-Shock Limited watches have we tested at Gouforit?

Well, a few. For example the Casio G-Shock DW-6900PF-1ER. Low price, good strap design and a nice detail when turning on the light. You can see the review at: Casio G-Shock DW-6900 .

Also the Casio G-Shock GR-B200RAF-8AER, a special edition of the RAF with a spectacular design. 

And finally the Casio G-Shock DW-5600BBOCT-1ER, a watch with an interesting strap and a gift scarf. We don’t have the review ready yet.

Honestly, in addition to changes in color or adding a new bracelet with a reason that differentiates them from the rest, it is appreciated that they change something on the screen or even on the back to make them different from normal models.

It is also appreciated that they include something different in the packaging or even that the box is special.

Conclusion: Casio does not make it easy for us to choose the best G-Shock watch

The Casio G-Shock range is really extensive and it is not easy to choose the best option. The best recommendation we can make is that you buy the watch that you like the most, regardless of whether the G-Shock is limited edition or not.

In addition to the design, worry about what the watch costs and don’t worry too much about whether the model is going to appreciate in value or not… it probably won’t.


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