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What Happens If You Test Positive for a Drug Test?

What Happens If You Test Positive for a Drug Test?

So, you got a positive test result, and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “Oh no, what now?! “What are my next steps?”. Don’t worry; our help and drug testing services are on their way!

What Does a Positive Result for Drug test Means?

A positive result is when the laboratory, the Medical Review Officer (MRO), or the collector determines that specified amounts of drugs and breath alcohol levels are above the cutoffs.

Drug Testing’s Advantages

Employees may regard testing as punishing and intrusive, although there are several advantages to testing for both employees and employers. Many employers always search for walk-in drug tests near me.

  1. Drug testing ensures that all workers operate in a safe atmosphere.
  2. For most drug users, the addiction process takes years to develop. Financial difficulties, family strife, relationship challenges, work performance deterioration, and health concerns are just a few of the negative repercussions over time. The employee may be unable or unwilling to link their substance abuse to these bad outcomes.
  3. Workers who screened positive on alcohol and drugs aren’t always dependent and need some help. Some people could be in the initial phases of drug abuse or have made poor choices, but outreach and education campaigns can assist them.
  4. The drug and alcohol-related organizations indicated that employees with serious alcohol issues steadily improved in their drinking patterns and employment status in the weeks following interventions.

How Can I Know If the Collector Considered the Outcome Positive?

When there is a situation in which the test collector says that your test is positive, you are sure that it must be a false positive test. In those situations, three scenarios can occur,

  • The Designated Employer Representative (DER) of your company refused to bring the immediate testing to the laboratory for verification due to corporate policy
  • The contributor declined to grant to send the sample to the laboratory for confirmation due to some personal reason.
  • The third situation is that it is a breath alcohol test without the involvement of a lab or a Medical Review Officer.

Positive Results Lead to

Otherwise, if the MRO rejects your supplied proof, the test is declared positive, and a violation is recorded. Depending on your employer’s policies, this may influence your employment status. However, if there is a safety risk while the investigation is underway, you may be removed from safety-sensitive responsibilities until the final decision is made.

What Do Most Companies Do with Positive Drug test Screening?

If your Drug test isn’t harmful, you’ll have to go through the MRO review procedure. Your company may have a procedure to complete a program with a Substance Abuse Professional (OFFICER) as part of the Return to Duty (RTD) process.

Required to undergo an observed drug test after completing the OFFICER phase of the RTD procedure. Will be able to return to a safety-sensitive capacity if the test results are negative. Expect least six unannounced and witnessed follow-up drug tests during the next 12 months after returning to work.

After a Failed Drug Test, How Can I Get Back to Work?

Working with a trained office is the only option to return to safety-sensitive employment following a positive Drug test. This individual will assess your situation and make therapy or educational recommendations for you to follow. Similarly, the same OFFICER will re-evaluate your eligibility to be released for employment once your suggestions have been completed successfully.

Multi-Panel Drug Test Offered by ChoiceDNA

  • The 12-panel test looks for extended opiates and prescription painkillers and residues of other illegal substances if they represent a severe hazard to the workplace.
  • Drug Test for Urine with 17 Panels, testing for 17 different drugs might be difficult. Finding the right company to ensure a proper 17 Panel Urine Drug Screen for tens of thousands of workers is challenging. In the world of drug testing services, ChoiceDNA is a well-known name.


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