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What Is Sterling Silver? Characteristics And Care

A very common doubt when buying silver jewelry is the names it receives: pure silver, sterling silver, 925 silver, 925 sterling silver, sterling silver… the latter is one of the most popular designations. But it can be confusing when it comes to differentiating it from other types of silver. And this fact can generate distrust in the buy of silver jewelry. It is actually much easier than it seems, so in this article. We are going to explain in detail what sterling silver is.
It should be note that pure silver (also known as fine silver) exists in nature. But it is not use in memory of dad jewelry because it is too soft and brittle. Which leads to more damage and deformation. That is why silver alloys with other metals arise. improving the durability and resistance of jewelry.
Once this fact is know, it will now be easier for you to know what 925 sterling silver is.

Sterling silver

Sterling silver is also known as sterling silver, 925 silver. 925 sterling silver or sterling silver. Hence there is a lot of confusion around the term when, in the end, it turns out to be the same thing!
The origin of the name of silver derives from Old English. This ratio was use in England to mint silver coins with a star (steer) on each face, hence the term “sterling silver “.
Most , sterling silver jewelry has a small inscription. where the number 925 is visible.

Sterling Silver Characteristics

Sterling silver is the most popular alloy of silver. And has certain characteristics to be know as follows:

  • It is make up of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metal (for every 1000 grams, 925g are silver and 75g are other metal).
  • The other metal that forms it can be zinc, tin, germanium or platinum; although the most common is that it is copper.
  • Copper hardly affects the color.
  • This mixture with another metal is the reason why it is more durable and resistant.

Does sterling silver oxidize?

Another very common question that arises. When we talk about sterling silver is if it oxidizes. Silver is a noble metal, so sterling silver cannot oxidize, but it can darken. This process, called suffixation, occurs. When hydrogen sulfide from the air comes into contact with silver jewelry. Changing its color.
Sterling silver jewelry that comes into contact with water. Or other chemicals can also see its color change. Likewise, its alloy with other metals or daily use has an influence. which can cause sterling silver jewelry to see its shine or tone altered over time. But, although you may think that sterling silver gets ugly. All these conditions can be avoid with good care and cleaning of the jewelry.

How to care for sterling silver

Although 925 sterling silver jewelry is easy to care for. There are several factors that can alter its characteristics:

  • The PH of the skin.
  • Body sweat.
  • Body creams and other cosmetics.
  • Cleaning products and soaps.
  • Sun.

The first and most basic step in caring for sterling silver. Jewelry is to clean it using soap and water to remove built-up dirt. After this, they should be dry with a soft cloth or cotton. Afterwards, there are many other ways to clean silver. Such as with specific products for sale on commercial surfaces.
, to avoid these more aggressive cleanings. Sterling silver loss of mother jewelry should be care for. Wiping off dirt and polishing the silver. Also storing the jewelry in a jewelry box (if possible, ) and avoiding getting it wet. (especially at the beach or the pool) Will help keep it shiny and perfect as the first day.
Now that the concept of sterling silver is clearer. Don’t forget to visit our website and find your favorite jewels in our catalog. Enjoy your new silver jewelry!


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