polycarbonate sheet

Why is polycarbonate sheet so popular?

Polycarbonate is a sturdy, transparent and rigid thermoplastic polymer material. Once a valuable and essential substance employed in making roofs and greenhouses, polycarbonate sheet is a thoroughly advanced substance nowadays. Apart from the aesthetic possibilities it provides to projects; polycarbonate sheet has several features that have lured builders towards it and made them use it in constructing well-known buildings. Nowadays, people use polycarbonate sheets in various applications. In addition to the construction industry, several other industries also use polycarbonate sheets. These include electronics. Police gear, optical, automobile, and medical industries. So what has made polycarbonate sheets a prevalent substance in these industries?


There are many attributes of polycarbonate sheets that have explained their popularity and made people buy them from every polycarbonate sheet supplier. One of those attributes is that polycarbonate sheet does not harm anyone. When drilled or cut, Glass produces dangerous impacts that can be harmful to inhale and touch. But whenever a polycarbonate sheet is drilled or cut, it does not create any hazardous shards. People can easily wash its shards without harming their skin, mouth, nose or eyes. They can also cut and drill polycarbonate sheets in their homes. Other attributes of polycarbonate sheet responsible for making it popular are below

Polycarbonate sheet is flexible, solid, and recyclable

It is straightforward to bend the polycarbonate sheet in the manner people want. This is an attribute that has helped polycarbonate overtake Glass. Nevertheless, this simple to bend quality does not indicate that polycarbonate is weak. Polycarbonate is even sturdier than Glass. In fact, it is unbreakable virtually.


Therefore, people can craft polycarbonate in every shape they like effortlessly, even doomed or rest of the curved shapes, which is not possible with Glass. Polycarbonate is entirely recyclable and offers an excellent output for plastic reusing facilities. The usual procedure to reuse polycarbonate involves sorting, shredding, washing, granulating and then preparing a compound for reuse. This is because thermoplastic substances become liquified by melting, then they become cooled and reheated again without enough degradation, permitting them to be easily reused and injection molded. 

Polycarbonate sheet transmits light and resists fracture and shock

Polycarbonate sheet transmits about the same volume of light as Glass does and is much more significant than Glass reinforced plastic. Apart from that, polycarbonate sheet can be clear like Glass, while Glass reinforced plastic is translucent and its not a fully transparent product. Manufacturers give most polycarbonate sheets treatment for ultraviolet protection on both or one of its sides to safeguard it from possible ultraviolet radiation. Latest developments also encompass tints and special covering that mirror infrared radiation outward, decreasing solar gain whereas yet permitting normal light to pass through.

Matte finishing

People can use a diffuser matte finishing to disperse light and decrease glare if wanted. A compact polycarbonate sheet has a much more significant impact than Glass. It is precious in every project’s handling, installation, and transportation stages. During the servicing of the building, polycarbonate sheet poses far more excellent resistance against falling branches, hail, and other things than the resistance of Glass reinforced plastic, acrylic or Glass. In addition, unlike Glass-reinforced plastic, polycarbonate sheet does not become more breakable over time. Polycarbonate’s fracture and shock resistance decrease potential maintenance and repair costs of builders, residents, and property owners.






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